25 Days of Elf on the Shelf Kit
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25 Days of Elf on the Shelf Kit

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This kit is unique to Fox It Up and gives you tons of props & accessories to take your elf fun to the next level. You receive a calendar, filled with 25 days of activities, as well as all props, food, and clothing necessary to complete those activities. 

Some activités are: Elf spells I'm Back! in Cheerios, Elf makes a Candy necklace, Elf makes a Snowman friend. Elf sleeps in the fridge (with a towel blanket). Elf makes a snowflake out of Q Tips, Elf measures himself with Fruit by the Foot. Elf Dresses up as a Super Hero, TP's the Christmas Tree, makes a Swing, Dresses up like a Pirate, Lifts Marshmallow Barbells, and even puts on a MineCraft Box Head. 

* The Mine Craft Box Head and Super Hero paper doll costumes are exclusive to this set and cannot be purchased individually

There's also bonus printables, signs, and report cards. Please include your child's name for personalization.

We also need to know whether your elf is a boy or girl because this set comes with 2 outfits.

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