Burlap & Wine Cork Jewelry Organizer
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Burlap & Wine Cork Jewelry Organizer

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A Fox it Up original,   this item is one of our most popular.  It started as a custom creation for a friend who was trying to display jewelry at craft fairs and has morphed into something that everyone loves to display in their homes.  You can use it for jewelry, or even in your office or child's room to hold headbands, rubber bands, bracelets, whatever you can think of.


A 16 X 20 canvas is covered with burlap and then wine corks are attached in a pattern designed for even the most bulky of necklaces, or it still looks great if you want to use it for thin necklaces, bracelets, or even hair ties.    Push pins can be added if you'd like to put a lot of one thing on a cork, to make sure that they do not fall forward when you "fill" up the cork.


Due to the burlap coming from coffee bags, we have no control over the patterns.  Sometimes it's black & white text, sometimes colorful & intricate patterns.  Please specify whether you would like plain burlap or random/colored burlap.

Because of the burlap & wine corks, no two of these are alike.

Jewelry is not included.

*If you'd like to make your own, we will send you the canvas, burlap, and corks required and you can make your own.  The cost for this is $15 and can be found in the Fox Box section.  You can also sign up for our class to create your own.  It's $35 and includes alcohol, plus you get to paint whatever design you'd like in chalk paint on your burlap.

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