Elf Adoption Kit

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Are you ready to introduce your Elf to your family and welcome him/her home?  This is the perfect way to do it!

In this kit, shipped straight to your door, you'll receive a beautiful box with a label, stamped from Santa, all the way from the North Pole. 

inside will be your Elf, a birth certificate (with blanks that you can fill in yourself OR personalized and printed at the Elf Factory),  two special surprise outfits,  the Elf on the Shelf book, and Elf Magic Dust to restore your elf's magic.  You'll also receive some report cards that your Elf will use to report back to Santa!

Your Elf can't wait to meet your family!


Please include the name of your family and the name of your elf when ordering a printed birth certificate. If left blank, you'll receive a customizable one.



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