Fox Box - Glittered Clothespins

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A Fox Box is a DIY kit that you receive hand delivered to your door with everything you need to make the craft pictured!

In this Fox Box you'll be able to make beautiful glittered clothespins.       This kit will allow you to make FOUR sets of the clothespins pictured, making each set only $2.50, plus tons of fun (they sell for $4 in the store)


You'll receive:

* 16 clothespins

* Glitter

*Mod Podge

*paint brush

*embellishments like fleur de lis, buttons, pom poms

*craft paper to display your clothespins

*Instructions from start to finish on making this craft and 24/7 phone assistance from our crafty foxes!


Not included but required:

Hot glue & hot glue gun (if you choose to add embellishments)

Blow dryer




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