Sassy Sisters Organic Scented Body Butter
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Sassy Sisters Organic Scented Body Butter

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Fox It Up, in conjunction with Sassy Sisters, is pleased to present a new line of organic spa products at affordable prices.  These products can be combined, layered, used in conjuction with each other, or alone.  We will have classes to teach how to make a few of the products at home, and will offer many of the ingredients such as essential oils and vitamins at the store as well.


This first product,  Body Butter, is a wonderfully soothing body cream that you can use as a lotion all over the body or just in needed areas.  It's especially nice after a shower or before bed. It's 100% organic & 100% hand made,  using coconut oil,  beeswax, doTERRA essential oil, and vitamins D & E.

 Here are the available scents and their health benefits:

Cinnamon - Antibacterial, Antifungal, Diabetes, Mold, Respiratory Infection, Warming

Eucalyptus - Inflammation, Neuralgia, Pain, Respiratory Issues, Shingles

Lavender - Allergies, Boils, Burns, Calming, Itching, Pain, Skin, Sleep, Wrinkles, Relaxation

Lemon - Anxiety, Cleansing, Depression, Disinfectant, Grease, Heartburn, Stress

Lime - Bacterial Infections, Fever, Skin

Peppermint - Alertness, Allergies, Cooling, Headache, Indigestion, Nausea, Sinusitis

Citrus Bliss - Calming, Depression, Eating Disorders, Mastitis, Sedative  (smells like orange + grapefruit + lemon + vanilla)

Deep Blue - Arthritis, Back Pain, Inflammation, Joint Pain, Muscle Aches/Pain, Tension  (smells like root beer)

On Guard - Antibacterial, Antiviral, Cleansing, Disinfecting,  helps prevent illness (smells like cinnamon & pine, Christmas-y)

Whisper - Hormonal Balance & Women's issues (Lavender blend)


You can also select the PLAIN scented version if you'd like to add your own essential oils.  If you buy your DoTERRA oils from us, you're also entitled to a discount. 


The 2 ounce size is $8.00 and the 4 ounce size is $12.00.    Will be gift wrapped upon request for no additional charge.

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